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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 8, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [laughter] craig: so it seems someone turned up at the doorsteps of cbs with a little baby robot skeleton. [laughter] care to explain yourself in -- yourself? [cheers and applause]
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with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. . worst robbers ever. you have to see the heist that led to these bad guys getting a spanking. plus topper is tracking it will be dry many to, and he has all of your weather alert codes tore the weekend. but first tonight, 9 wants you to know in 2012 our military is averaging one suicide every
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single day. this is 9news now. it is a problem the military can't seem to solve. we learned today that so far this year, 50% more troops have been killed by suicide than from fighting the enemy. >> during the first 155 days of this year, there have been 154 active duty suicides. gary nurenberg is here to report that this is not what the pentagon had expected. gary. >> reporter: derek and anita, despite new programs, new efforts, new spending and new focus, this is trending the wrong way. the death a day from suicide this year is an 18% jump over last year, a 25% increase from the same period in 2010. essentially out of iraq, afghanistan winding down, this wasn't supposed to happen. specialist karl mccoy made it through two tours. >> he shot himself in the bathroom. >> reporter: here in the house? >> yes .
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>> reporter: he reports that mccoy made an appointment to see a counselor but they were short. >> they called and cancelled. >> reporter: and they cancelled because? >> they didn't have anybody to see him. that was the day before he killed himself. >> reporter: the military has tried to improve hiring more counselors, designing programs to identify early warning signs and trying to change a culture where asking for mental health is seen as a weakness. the new numbers demonstrate with deadly force that those efforts have not stopped military members from committing suicide at record setting rates. >> pentagon officials say one possible reason for this unexpected spike in suicides is the poor economy, which is also caused an increase in civilian suicides. >> reporter: it's not the military's only problem this year. it is also seeing more sexual assaults, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. the new study has some
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conflicting things. why they have enjoyed multiple deployments in combat zones are at greater risk of committing suicide, more of this year's suicides are people that have never been to war. derek. >> thank you, gary. another massive -- slaughtered at least 78 people, including, once again, children. the president denies any involve. secretary of state hillary clinton says the international community still believes a diplomat i can solution to the crisis is possible. he's created with launching many careers in the world of comedy. but after going missing for weeks, the body of dc improve owner mark anderson was found inside a hotel room outside of phoenix. investigators say anderson was found alone dead as a result of a gunshot wound. he was a well-known pioneer and promoter in the world of standup and owned clubs beside those
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here in the district. >> he came up with an idea to take those improves and franchise them and make them comedy clubs in big cities across the kuhn treerks and that's exactly -- country, and that's exactly what he did. >> that's the voice of his brother-in-law. anderson had been battling depression for years and began believing people were chasing him. the family was not prepared for but not surprised either by yesterday's discovery. yesterday the chairman of the dc council, tomorrow convicted felon. guam me brownguam me brown is -- kwame brown is expected to have a second plea to answer a charge levelled at brown today, a misdemeanor involving his campaign spending back in 2008. today we spoke with voters in dc, and you could see they were
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surely disappointed. >> it's really sad. dc got to go through this time after time and they say we're not finished yet. there's still more people involved. >> well, brown can face several months in jail on both charges. but we are hearing tonight that he may do no jail time at all. it's all part of the plea deal with the prosecution. well, we told you last night about the street and sidewalks along dc popular u street corridor are all about to get an upgrade. construction takes place on u street between 9th and 4th street beginning next monday. but not everybody is all fired up about the start of this construction project. our ken molestina is live down on u street with more on what the residents down there say about all of this. ken. >> reporter: yes, derek, this is just one of those neighborhoods that has seen so much. it's endured so much from the riots of '68 to the building of the metro station. u street is no stranger to transition. but now even some of the folks i spoke to say they're not all that hyped about having to
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endure yet another full year of construction disruptions. u street, you can argue there is more history here than any other street in the district. the landscape is changing. there were the riots that left this corridor in ruins. and who could forget the construction of the metro in the late 80s and early 90s. another rebuilding project is on its way promising to give it a new look. >> we're looking for it. >> reporter: this is the manager of u street's historic chilly bowl restaurant. throughout the year and all of the transformations, he has with stood the test of time and the inconveniences of having round the clock construction. >> we did survive years ago the construction of the subway, which dugstic. the gutting of the streets will undoubtedly make traffic even more congested, and the noisy sidewalks, won't be getting anymore quiet in the near future. >> i feel like it's all night life around here can be pretty
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complicated. >> those that are trying to work during the day, i would be frightened if they were making a ton of noise. >> reporter: despite those concerns from new residents to the area, the old timers here who have seen it all and been through several face lifts say nothing will keep the spirit of u street down. >> it is something about u street. the people will return. they're going to give it the facelift. but it's for the better. >> reporter: when it's all said and done. ddot said the sidewalks are going to be larger. the intersections and streets are going to be upgraded. the project will begin on u and 9th. they've come call the way down to 14th. it's all expected to be done in 2013. we're live on u street, ken molestina, 9news now. >> thank you, ken. despite 300,000 signatures from the group, the boy scouts of america say they will not allow gays to be part of the organization. they discussed the issue.
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it does not allow openly gay leaders or scouts because it will be a distraction to the mission. for it or against it, virginians say gay marriage isn't an important election issue this november. a new poll say 25% of those polled have strong feelings about gay marriage one way or the other. >> we have to keep moving forward. [ cheers and applause ] >> and that's first lady michelle obama campaigning solo for her husband this week. mrs. obama galvanized this crowd at the veteran's of foreign wars post in dale city this afternoon. not only is virginia a key battle ground state in the election, prince william is a spinning county in the commonwealth. -- swing county in the commonwealth. moderate growth with threats to our gradual recovery. that is the economic forecast from ben burnakye. the biggest risk, the debt crisis in europe, growing debt here in this country and what's being called the fiscal cliff.
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that is the scheduled expiration of the bush tax cuts combined with major cuts in federal spending. >> are you telling us if we allow nothing to happen and we see all of these taxes increase, the bush tax cuts, the obama tax cuts, go away, there is going to be a direct impact on economic growth and job creation? >> i'm looking not just to the taxes, but also the seques fer and the end of the pay -- sequester and the end of the payroll tax, yes. >> the fed is ready to boost the economy, but he gave no hints if they have any immediate plans to intervene. 9 wants you to know about a major development in a 9news investigation we've been working on. that is a judge has sentenced richard kim. he is the owner of town square market in northwest dc convicted last month of selling alcohol to a minor. the judge has given him a 30-day sus pinneded jail sent -- suspended jail sentence,
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24 months of unsupervised probation and 20 hours of community service. after today's sentencing, we spoke with ken via his translay tore. >> i -- translate tore. >> i regret hoping the store. >> next month dc alcohol control board is going to decide whether the owner keeps his liquor license after this conviction. phone calls can kill. that message comes from the head of the federal transportation department ray lahood. >> he says each year distracted drivers kill 3,000 people and there are plenty of distracted drivers out there. in a brand new survey, half of all younger drivers admit they have phoned, texted or e-mailed while behind the wheel. >> at this ver there are 660,000 drivers talking on their phone while behind the wheel on our nation's roadways.
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>> now lahood is laying out plans to crack down on distracted driving. they are going to have more cops on the lookouts and more ads on television. not to mention every state to ban texting while driving. still ahead tonight, the restaurant report when you dine in bethesda or down in dupont. you figure the joint is both pretty classy and clean. you might want to think again. we'll show you some spots with some critical health violations. also ahead, check out this video. what's worse if you're these robbers getting caught or getting spanked on tv. topper. >> 83 today. very nice day. all of of the showers have diminished. here is your wakeup weather. a cool start. comfortable start. 54-64 at 5:00. 60-70 at 7:00 and in the mid 70s by 9:00. we'll come back and take you all the way
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caught on tape tonight, one of the greatest pieces of surveillance video ever. two crooks in quebec get a lot more than they bargained for after trying to rob this particular convenience store. the owner just isn't having it. he unloads bear spray on these
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two guys which is a little disabling. they really can't take it. then he bends one of the guys over-the-counter. i think he doesn't even pull his pants down. maybe he does. he gives him a spanking. it's so humiliating he continues later on because i guess his pants are off. the owner's wife gets into the action. kicking the guy in the face. it's terrible. >> i just wanted to protect myself and protect my customer and my wife. they come in with the knife. so that's the only thing i see i can defend myself. >> that's what i'm talking about. defend yourself. now, one of those crooks was arrested. the other ran away. chances are they aren't coming back any time soon. >> uh-huh. tonight we are exposing some of the gross est violations in some of dc's destinations. >> from bethesda to dupont circle, we found rats, mice and roaches. here is the report. >> reporter: tonight we have violations in the district and
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montgomery, prince george's and fairfax county. you'll see some where you would least expect to find them. just off dupont circle, the white table clothes at the downtown city lights of china are now upstage by the scarlet letter. this letter citing saying it may endanger health. problems health inspectors found inside fill up three pages of the report. it cites a strong odor of rodents and mice and roaches in the food prep area and unclean conditions including floors with food particles, utensils and standing water. >> it's disgusting. not good. >> i know it's sad. and so i guess it ought to be shut until they clean it up. >> reporter: they did clean and it passed reinspection, as did shake shack just down the street. inspectors say they closed shake
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shack for operating without running water. in fairfax, they shut down tippi's taco house saying the person in charge wasn't certified in food safety. in takoma park, no hot water in suspension at 7-11. in dc, vermin shut down mehak. and they suspended china american inn not only for operating without hot water but because of rats. the report cites a live rat that ran down the stairs during the inspection. in temple hills, officials closed the evergreen supermarket on iverson street. we snapped photos of what a store employee agreed appeared to be mouse droppings and a chewed up bag. finally in bethesda, more white table clothes that has been rated as one of washington's
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best. they suspended divino's citing a severe cockroach infestation. officials shut down five road vendors. except for those all got reinspected and are now back in business. if you want to be first to know about closures, follow me on twit er. i'm russ ptacek, 9news now. >> so whether you know of health dangers, corruption, government waste, 9 wants to know too. send us an e-mail. so as we reported earlier in this newscast, the problem of distracted driving is getting so bad the government is trying to figure out ways to crack down on people who insist they're one of the exceptional humans who can work a mobile phone and a car at the same time. such people are exceptional but not in a good way. >> yes, anita, you know you see it all the time. you come up behind somebody on the road. the car is waving around erratically or else just going very slowly. and you get a look at the driver. sure enough, they're on the freaking phone. now, having made a scientific study of all of this, i've
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realized that these distrackable varments can actually can be broken down into sub types. there is the common all purpose blabberer just chatting away. sure, it's completely illegal everywhere, but he's not worried the cops will get him. oh, no. the problem is, he might get you. now, this is a subspecies of the blabberer. the crooked side winder. this is what he thinks they mean by hands free. and here is the double distracted version which is also sadly far too common. but nothing is as terrifying or dangerous as this beast. the oblivious texter. now, this creature does not have more than one set of eyeballs, but it sure seems to think it does. and it's often too young to understand how quickly things can go south when you take your eyes off the road at 40 miles an hour. pity the driver or the tree that
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crosses its path. this one seems to be a bit safer. it's not really. so the question tonight, should all of them, even this guy, the common endangered species. anita. >> well, more focus behind the wheel better. >> the conversation is the problem. >> but the texting is the worse. that's the worse. because that's the up and down with the eyes. >> yes. bad bad bad bad bad. 83 today. a gorgeous day. all of the showers and thunderstorms are gone. i think you're going to like what lies in store. let's start with a live look outside. we're looking at cloudy skies. although they're going to be clearing shortly. there is a live weather. it's 67. dew points in the upper 40s. i can't stress how great that is. so open your windows but not all of the way. it will be too cold. winds out of the west at 8 and the pressure now rising at 30.01 inches of mercury. all right. here is what we're looking at now. dry morning commute.
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you will need your sunglasses tomorrow, especially coming in 66 and around the spur. a fabulous friday really and a summer-like weekend. it's going to be sort of like the memorial day weekend with temperatures flirting with 90. i don't think we'll get too many complaints about that. we're almost in mid june. overnight clearing up. still cool. open the windows. 54-64 and winds have turned northwesterly at 10. by morning, mostly sunny and pleasant. air quality is code yellow, which is moderate. temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start, but we'll be in the 70s by lunch time and winds continue northwesterly at about 10. now, by afternoon, mostly sunny, seasonable, grab your shades. a gorgeous day. 80-85. and winds out of the northwest at about 10. so a light breeze. so everybody makes it into the low 80s. and, by the way, this is average for this time of the year. 83 downtown. 83 in college park. 82 in bowie. about dead on average really. 82 in rockville and gaithersburg. these aren't quite lining up right with the cities because we had a software downgrade. over the next few days, they're going to go back up and line up
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nice. 81 in reston and manassas. we're talking about sunshine from the mountains to the coast. on the other side of the divide, probably upper 60s for oakland. but then upper 70s in cumberland. not quite 80 for hagerstown, martinsburg and manassas and fairfax. but 84 in culpeper. pretty warm day and really a great day. low humidity. pretty good deal. downtown 83. 82 in gaithersburg. around 80 by the bay. and on the tidal potomac. and i tell you what, the winds are not that big of deal, so there's no small craft advisory for the bay or tidal potomac. 54-64 to start. 80-85 by evening. gorgeous, gorgeous day. the next three days, you're going to like this too. green, green and green. 88 on saturday. and then 90 on sunday. there is a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. i had to stick the green. it's going to be a nice day. next 7 days, 90 on monday. maybe a storm.
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85 on tuesday. maybe a storm. a better chance for thunderstorms, though, on wednesday. maybe a leftover shower on thursday. thursday. nats highlights do you read in bed? do you read out loud or in your head? do you need a lamp to see? and does it leave your bedmate be? don't you wish there was a light that wouldn't keep them up all night? if so, you'll be happy to know, our newest nook now comes with glow. introducing nook simple touch with glowlight, the only e-reader made for bedtime reading. find your nook at your neighborhood barnes & noble.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> now, i've only had a chance to see robert griffin iii tree times during the last three weeks. the redskins only make one day of practice available to the media. the last time we were all there was last thursday, and what a difference a week makes. rg3 seemed a lot more comfortable today. calling plays and making plays. maybe it has something to do with a little revelation he had on wednesday. now, he didn't pinpoint one specific play, but said he was finally starting to settle in as the starting qb getting used to the nfl. >> it's not faster by any means because, again, everybody is a little bit faster. but i think i have gotten a little bit of the grass of what it's going to be like all game
2:02 am
day just based off practice. >> he learned it really well and was running fast. so we're getting to a point where we're comfortable and working on timing and everything like that. >> and it looks like the skins will make good on their invite to exonerate a line backer bryan banks. shannon couldn't confirm that it would be tomorrow but said that that was the original data greed upon when they -- date agreed up on when they first contacted them. today banks had to work out with the seattle see hawks. nationals rally up their homestand today going for the tweep against new york trying -- sweep against new york trying to hold on to first place in the el east. but dicky had been a star looking to pick up his 9th win today. top of the 5th no score. one on. changes that. a 2-run shot. his fifth homer in 8 games. it's 2-0 mets. dicky, the knuckle baller,
2:03 am
stunning the nats today. striking out 8. but there was one bright spot. ryan zimmerman sends one to left center. the only run the nats could muster. mets win this one 3-1. the nats were impressed by dicky. >> he's very good. he throws it hard, throws it soft. it's just sometimes he goes down into the strike zone and he is a pretty unbelievable pitcher. it's pretty fun to face him but going 0-4 isn't fun. >> red sox had full control of this one. 6-0 in the 8th. they help add one more. clay buckley gave up just four hits today to give up his shutout. boston avoids the sweep 7-0. eastern conference final game six in boston. celtics trying to close it out but lebron james would have none of it. three right here of his game high 45 points. heat win this one 98-79 to force
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game 7 saturday night in miami. love them or hate them, lebron stepped up tonight. >> so we have the ♪ [ male announcer ] if you like movies that make you laugh... [ sirens ] dramas... ♪ ...timeless classics, or whatever else, then you'll love netflix. netflix lets you watch unlimited movies and tv episodes on your pc or tv via game console or other devices connected to the internet. browse genres, and get personalized suggestions. it's instant, it's unlimited. and it's only 8 bucks a month. start your free trial today.


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